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This book is about your personality type, who you are, what you love and your stages of development in the circular flow of life. The new model of nature’s trinities to enneagrams presented in this book explains how to experience the unlimited supply of good and abundance that’s everywhere.

While enneagram types describe one’s egocentric personality, enneagram signs are given by the cosmos at birth; they are one of a kind and reveal one’s soul-centered personality. With the addition of nine signs and stages of development through the life cycle, the enneagram becomes a system in motion and reveals more of its insights. With the addition of nine enneagram letter groups from the alphabet, you can understand what the trinity and enneagram says about the personality of your name.

Do you need guidance in understanding who you are, what you love, or your unlimited power? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, this book is for you. This book uses two spiritual laws to answer these questions: First, embracing who you are and what you love determines the amount of good and abundance you will experience. Second, by following the circular flow of nature’s trinity you will allow nature’s unlimited potential for good and abundance to express itself through you.