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Excerpt from page 23.

The number three and trinities explain the relationship between the nonphysical and physical universe, how physical forms are created, and refer to a broad range of nonphysical characteristics. The list of trinity groups in this table serve as examples to identify the main principles and level of awareness found in different world views of the trinity.

Trinity Principles from Different World Views

Christians Father Son Holy Spirit
Hindus Brahma Vishnu Shiva
Mental Science Conscious Mind Forms, Effects Unconscious Mind
Astrology Cardinal Fixed Mutable
Theory of Relativity Light (c2 ) Mass (m) Energy (e)
Mathematics + =
Elements Air Earth, Water Fire
Development Stages Beginning Middle Ending
Human Beings Mind Body Soul
Enneagram Numbers 1, 4, 7 2, 5, 8 3, 6, 9
Letters in Alphabet ajs/dmv/gpy bkt/enw/hqz clu/fox/ir


Excerpt from pages 34 and 35.

The trinity model depicted here tells us that the ever-expanding energy of the universe is within and one with the trinity. The upper section of the circle represents consciousness, the conscious mind, thoughts, Logos or the word, and what we know and want.

The middle part of the trinity represents unconsciousness, the holy spirit or mother, the Tao, the soul, dark matter, and the maker of forms. The Science of Mind calls this section of the model the subjective or creative mind, the law, the soul, the womb or existence, and Maya. Listening directly to the creative, deeper mind for guidance takes place when the conscious mind is relaxed, centered, and open to receiving information from this source.

The bottom section of the circle represents the body of the universe, effects, the world of things, forms, atoms, and results. This part of the trinity represents yin energy, the child, daughter or son, mass, and physical conditions. The lower part of the circle is a symbol of concrete manifestation and the result of the interplay between the upper conscious realm of the circle and the middle unconscious realm.

The V-like symbol of expanding energy is the source of motivation throughout the universe that feeds all parts of the trinity. Like the sun, it represents the source of ever-expanding energy within thoughts, the womb of unconscious activity, and all material things. The model tells us that all things are an outward expression of thoughts planted in the creative mind, and that the creative mind has no power to resist our thoughts.


Excerpt from page 247.

The Nine Stages of Manifesting

With the assistance of many diagrams throughout this work, the enneagram system has been presented as nine personality types, nine soul types or signs, and nine stages of development in the form of a circle. The nine enneagram types are based on the nine planets and the enneagram signs or soul types get their meaning from two complementary opposite and adjacent astrology signs. Although enneagram personality types are based on self-assessment surveys, soul types and cycles of development are based on birthdates they can all be understood as the nine individual stages required to bring any new arising into existence.

Trinities are straightforward and easy to comprehend. Enneagrams can be understood as detailed versions of trinities because each third of an enneagram contains a trinity within it. In the manifestation process, stages 1, 2 and 3 represent the beginning segment of the circular journey or cycle taken by all of nature—the upper section in the trinity model; stages 4, 5 and 6 represent the middle segment or creative mind; and stages 7, 8 and 9 represent the completion segment or bottom section in the trinity model. Stages 1, 4 and 7 are in the group of active, positive, and motivating trinity forces; stages 2, 5 and 8 are in the group of receptive, nurturing, and passive trinity forces; and stages 3, 6 and 9 represent the group of reconciliation, mediation and integrating forces and the result of uniting the first two groups.

While the personality types, soul types and stages of development are identified by objective measures, they are also individual roles played in the subjective inner observation process of that takes place from conceiving to manifesting all forms through imagery, clairvoyance, visioning, meditation, contemplation, planning, and so forth. Since everything in the inner world of the unconscious universe seeks outward manifestation, those who receive and understand its message will attract what they can accept to assist them in becoming the manifestation they seek. Taken apart and examined, the nine stages are roles played by the types and represent an advanced version of the trinity model.